Undergraduate academic resources

Review the following resources for undergraduates needing academic help. Please visit each website for specific information since hours and services may change.

Academic Resource Center

Offers supplemental instruction in a number of gateway courses. Supplemental Instruction (SI) sessions take place in the Academic Resource Center (ARC) unless noted. The ARC is located in the Ground Floor, IMU. ACR also offers tutoring referrals and other help.

Email: uc-arc@uiowa.edu

CLAS Undergraduate Programs

Confers with students, staff, and instructors about student academic needs. Current University of Iowa students may make an in-person, phone, or virtual appointment online in MyUI under Advising Appointment (choose "College Office" then "College of Liberal Arts and Sciences") or by calling 319-335-2633 during our office hours.

Location: 120 Schaeffer Hall (SH)
Email: clas-undergrad@uiowa.edu

Center for Language and Culture Learning

Provides students with facilities and services for learning about languages and cultures, including peer tutoring, and world language video and computer-based activities.

Location: 120 Phillips Hall (PH)
Email: dwllc-clcl@uiowa.edu

Chemistry Center

TAs are available to assist students in their chemistry courses. Students also utilize the Chemistry Resource Center to prepare for exams, request help on homework, work on laboratory reports, and general study for chemistry.

Location: E225 and E208 Chemistry Building (CB)
Email: chemistry-center@uiowa.edu

Computer science tutors

Tutors for CS and their expertise in related courses. The website has tutors' names and telephone numbers.

Iowa Digital Engagement and Learning (IDEAL)

IDEAL provides a variety of resources for students working on digital projects such as videos, podcasts, infographics, animations, and even PowerPoints.

Location: 108 English Philosophy Building (EPB)
Email: ideal@uiowa.edu

Main Library

The UI Libraries offer a variety of services, both in-person and online, including Research Consultations and undergraduate research assistance at The SEAM.

Location: 100 Main Library (LIB)
Email: lib-ref@uiowa.edu
Phone: 319-335-5299

Math Tutorial Lab

Individual drop‑in tutoring for students enrolled in MATH:0100 Basic Algebra I–MATH:3800 Elementary Numerical Analysis. The Department of Mathematics also maintains a list of private tutors who charge a fee.

Location: 125 MacLean Hall (MLH)
Phone: 319-335-0810

Statistics Tutorial Lab

Provides additional help for students in introductory statistics courses.

Location: 241 Schaeffer Hall (SH)
Phone: 319-335-0712
Email: statistics@uiowa.edu

TRIO Student Support Services

Serves students who have a demonstrated academic need and are first-generation, low-income, or have a verified disability. TRIO students may request free tutoring.

Location: 2750 University Capitol Centre (UCC)
Email: trio-sss@uiowa.edu

Tutor Iowa

Tutor Iowa is a central location to find information on campus help centers, supplemental instruction (SI), and private tutors.

Writing Center

Students may register for weekly meetings before the start of the semester; students also may make an appointment for in-person help or receive online feedback.

Location: 110 English-Philosophy Building (EPB)
Email: writing-center@uiowa.edu

Other campus resources

Career Center

Provides various career exploration programs for individuals and groups as well as personal career counseling and assistance with resumes and job searches.

Location: C310 Pomerantz Center
Phone: 319-335‑1023
E-mail: careercenter@uiowa.edu

Mental Health at Iowa

Information about campus mental health resources, student support services, 24/7 support line, suicide prevention, and Collegiate Recovery Program

Mentoring at Iowa

This website provides resources to help mentors and mentees make the most out of the mentorship experience.

Student Care and Assistance

Student Care and Assistance provides assistance to University of Iowa students experiencing crisis and emergency situations.

Location: 132 Iowa Memorial Union (IMU)
Phone: 319-335-1162
Email: dos-assistance@uiowa.edu

Student Disability Services

Facilitates academic accommodations and services for students with disabilities

Location: 141 University Capitol Centre (UCC)
Phone: 319-335‑1462
E-mail: sds-info@uiowa.edu

Student Financial Aid

Provides advice and assistance to students receiving or seeking financial aid

Location: 2400 University Capitol Centre (UCC)
Phone: 319-335-1450
E-mail: financial-aid@uiowa.edu

Student Health

Provides medical evaluations and laboratory procedures. Staffed with MDs who are board-certified in family medicine, gynecology, and psychiatry.

Location: 4189 Westlawn South
Phone: 319-335‑8370
E-mail: student-health@uiowa.edu

Student Wellness

Offers appointments, group workshops, events and other programming for students on nutrition, fitness, stress management, alcohol and drugs, tobacco/e-cigarettes, sexual health, and sleep.

Phone: 319-335-8394

University Counseling Service

Offers educational and personal therapy including individual, couple or relationship, and group counseling, as well as case management and referrals.

Phone: 319-335‑7294
E-mail: ucs@uiowa.edu