What can Universal Workflow do?


Universal Workflow can

  • Replace paper, PDF, and Word Document forms with intuitive online forms
  • Replace cumbersome signature processes with Workflow approvals
  • Streamline business processes
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Universal Workflow can't

  • Route to individuals outside of the University of Iowa
  • Include sensitive, personally identifiable information, including:
    • Credit card information
    • SSNs

How-to guide

The Workflow How-To Guide is a PDF that provides guidance on how to create and edit a Universal Workflow form. Use it to review the five components to creating a form: name and create a form, customize form fields, adjust form settings, route editing, and text/prod development.

Review the guide

Video tutorials

Contact us

Please email all Universal Workflow related requests to CLAS Workflow Form Request (clas-workflow-forms@uiowa.edu).

Consider the following information when making requests:

  • Please include the form name and link in your request to expedite the process.
  • We strive to process all requests as quickly as possible in the order they come into our inbox. You can expect a response within 48 hours.
  • If you have specific requirements, please include as many details as possible in your request.
  • For form creation, sometimes a meeting will be scheduled to further discuss details.