Application development

The application development team develops and maintains administrative, course, and research web applications for the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. They consult with other campus IT units and CLAS departments and faculty to provide new solutions and maintain existing applications.

Data management

The data management team develops administrative reports for department use on behalf of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, and facilitates access and usage of central data repositories.

Project management

The project management team oversees the computer refresh and student technology fee proposal process, which includes one-time proposals, recurring proposals, and off-cycle funding requests.

Universal Workflow

Universal Workflow enables electronic routing and approval of forms, documents and other data. It’s a platform that is the backbone of many transactions throughout the University of Iowa campus.


WuFoo is an online form service that is used by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences to collect online payments. WuFoo forms have secure collection of credit card information, which is ideal for workshop and conference registration. Our team is able to assist with the development and implementation of these forms for any CLAS-related event that requires an online payment.


The CLAS Linux team offers a variety of services, including consultation services, compliance, managed Linux loads (server and desktop), network file services including backup and recovery, personal web hosting, Linux printing, data center hosting, hardware configuration, software, and license management.

Student technology fees

In Spring 2024, CLAS Information Technologies Committee will consider proposals to create, maintain and improve collegiate instructional technology resources to be funded through 2024-2025 (or FY25) student technology fees. The committee is soliciting a broad range of proposals including requests to renew or revitalize existing technology, or to establish new initiatives in educational technology. Any academic unit in CLAS may submit proposals.

Computer replacement

The CLAS Computer Replacement (CCR) and Faculty Startup program has two purposes. First, it ensures our faculty and staff are working with current level computers that can be supported and managed according to CLAS standards and protocols. Additionally, it provides a supply of still-usable systems that can be reallocated as needed across the College, providing computer support for visiting faculty, instructors, and graduate assistants. Upon special request, replaced systems may be kept in the department.